All of our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, current on age-appropriate vaccines and dewormed. All adopters will receive free food and an adoption packet full of information and toys, food & water bowls. There's even special discounts for multi-cat adoptions and senior citizens. Scroll down to see some of our friendly felines.



CASPER is a 3 year old neutered male Tabby that came to us after he was found in a resident's basement recently. He arrived quite scared and unsure of his surroundings but is making slow and steady progress adjusting to his new home. Once out of his cage he enjoys soft and gentle brushing.


3 year old neutered male orange Tabby shorthair that arrived with his buddy PUMPKIN, who was recently adopted. He came in very neglected with fleas and mites and also very timid and shy. After a couple months of care and lovin', he is healthy and a lot more sociable around people and other cats.


FIONA is a senior Tortoishell shorthair that was recently found stray in southern Iron County. She is spayed and current on her vaccinations. She's an independent lady who is content doing her own thing at her pace on her terms! She doesn't need nor want a lot of attention but rather a warm and safe environment.


UNO is a 5-6 year old neutered male shorthair that was recently found stray in Ramsay. He's a sweet, cuddler of a cat who would prefer to be in a one cat household.


HAILEY is a 2 year old spayed female white and gray Tabby shorthair that was recently found stray in Wakefield. She's a loveable, clean kitty that likes to watch the antics of the other cats from afar but seems to get along with everyone.


COMET is a 2 year old neutered male shorthair that was found stray in the Kimball area recently. He shows signs of having lived out in the elements as he is somewhat shy and under-socialized. He's slowly coming around and when things are quiet he enjoys being petted.


DUNCAN is a 2 year old neutered male orange Tabby shorthair that was recently found stray in the Wakefield area. He's a very friendly cat that wants attention.


TABASCO is a 7 month old neutered male orange Tabby short-hair whose looking for his new home. He's playful, chatty, and loves attention. He is a social kitty who gets along well with other polite cats, and is he's quickly become a favorite here with his spunky personality.



GIZZY is an 8 year old neutered male shorthair who is also front declawed! He is ok with dogs, cats, and kids! He is a very affectionate fella that would love nothing more than to have a loving home of his own. He was surrendered because his owner was moving and couldn't take him with. He really is a sweet guy that would do well in just about any home!



SPENCER is a 3-4 year old neutered male gray Tabby shorthair. He is quite the lover and would sit next to you all day and let you pet him if you'd allow it! He does also like to play with little toy mice! He's a new arrival so we're not sure how he is with the other cats, but he had some old battle scars so he's probably been beaten up a bit before coming to us.


OTIS is a 2 year old neutered male shorthair that was found stray in Wakefield recently. He is a super sweet, playful cat that likes to follow you around. He absolutely loves to be held, too.


ANGEL is a spayed female all black shorthair that is also front declawed. She's a quiet, gentle kitty that likes her naps! She does enjoy being held and brushed too.

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